He hangs the brunette on the street and gives her some money and fucks her on the roof

He hangs the brunette on the street and gives her some money and fucks her on the roof

When I look back at the history of my relationship with my wife Lexi, there has been a great many changes over the years. I think every couple in love starts with the same exclusively monogamous, ‘till death do you part’ scenario. I remember I used to get fits of jealousy if a guy even checked Lexi out. If she flirted, I would go ballistic. How times have changed. After many years of marriage, we are now invested in an open relationship. I know this is not for everyone, and at times I question the wisdom of this decision. For us, it broke all the moral and social barriers we believed in. This is an account of how it all began.We were married ten years ago, and for the most part, we were a normal couple making our way through life a day at a time. When we first met, our life was crazy and exciting, and we thought it always would be, but like so many we got stuck in the rut of daily living. I think for most people, there is a certain amount of security in developing a routine in your life. Unfortunately for us, that list of chores also included our sex life. Lovemaking had lost its spontaneity, and became a scheduled event, kind of like doing the laundry.This certainly didn't come about because my wife let herself go, or is undesirable. Far from it. Lexi is a stunning woman by any standard. She has all the right curves in all the right places, and attracts attention wherever she goes, but there is a lot more to her than a hot bod and pretty face. She is also smart, articulate and formidable as a business woman.However, like a lot of couples, our lack of creativity and over-familiarity with each other reduced our passion. Don't get me wrong, she's always tried to be attentive and has been a wonderful lover to me. I think our lack of creativity led us into a functional sexual relationship. I believe many people become boring by choice, but it can be overcome, if you're willing to push the parameters a little. In our case, it was more than a little.We are both professionals that must meet the public daily, so our appearance is important. Part of our plan is to maintain a healthy life-style of diet and fitness, so we usually meet at the gym four days a week. I normally do heavy lifting, while Lexi does cardio.I remember back to about a year and a half ago; I was watching Lexi work out at our local gym. It was fascinating how she captivated the attention of almost all the men within view. Once a guy using the squat machine next to me pointed out how hot she was. Initially, that statement made me feel proud, but it also prompted me to take a long look at her and reassess what a gem she is.She truly is a beauty. That skintight outfit showed off her fit figure, with large, pert breasts, firm, round butt, and strong, shapely legs. As she pumped hard on the stair-climber, the wet fabric clung to her like a second skin. Her prominent nipples poked out the thin fabric of her top. As I watched, she flirted with the guy next to her. He was totally focused on her, and seemed oblivious to all else. Instead of being jealous, I found it kind of an erotic turn on. I think that was the first time I ever considered her being with another man.This fantasy started that day with a casual passing glance, but rooted itself in my brain as a seed continued to grow. I began to cultivate this vision of her being with other men a bit at a time. After time, It was actually becoming more of a full-blown obsession. I did manage to keep it to myself for the time being. Then, I started reading forum testimonials of people in this lifestyle and I discovered that it was more common than I first thought. Looking back, I'm not sure if this desire to share my wife was natural or cultivated into what it is. In either case, it was now ingrained within me.One evening after dinner, Lexi was telling me about this new employee at her firm, named Henry. She described how all the girls in the office were enamored with him and thought he was a hot commodity. It was then I asked, "Do you see him that way too?""Hmmm,” she thought. “Sure, I suppose so. Why?" she replied."I dunno. You’ve never mention finding a guy attractive before. He must be something special.”"You sound a bit jealous, hun," she laughed."Hmmm. So, you find him hot? Has he made any overture to you?”"Of course, not! I'm a married woman! He wouldn't dare,” she stated abruptly."I know you’re the hottest woman in that whole firm. Are you telling me he hasn't flirted, or hit on you?" I asked."Of suppose he has, but he knows I'm married. Why would you even ask something like that?""Are you aware of how men lust after you?""I suppose, but I don't pay much attention to it. It's happened all my adult life. What is it you are saying?""Well… I was just curious if you ever thought what it would feel like to be with another guy? After all I'm the only man you've ever been with.”"Never! Are you nuts? I love you, and am faithful to you alone.”"I know that. I know you're faithful, but that did not answer my question. Do you ever fantasize about being with other men?""Is that what you want? For me to be with another man, so you can be with another woman?""Hell no! I don't desire to be with another woman. I was wondering if you ever considered being with other men as a passing fantasy. Sometimes I do.”"What? Are you crazy? How could you fantasize me being with another man?”"I dunno. It has been on my mind lately. I know you've only been with me your whole life. Doesn't it ever cross your mind what it would be like?""I can't believe you just said that! I'm your wife. Why would you even think such a thing? That's sick.""Forget it. It was just a passing thought. Sorry I brought it up. I won't mention it ever again."-oOo-A few months later, we were out to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, when Lexi said, “I have something I want to tell you.”"What?”“I was working in the file room today, and Henry asked me to have lunch or dinner with him.”"Who's Henry?" I asked."You remember, I told you about him before. The new guy at work.""Oh yeah, I remember - the hot guy that was causing wet panties at your firm." I chuckled. "Is that why you've been dressing a bit more provocatively for work lately?""I didn't know you noticed,” she grinned.“Kinda hard to miss, when you go from high collars to showing cleavage. So… is that what you want? Do you want to go out with him?""No, of course not! I would never do that to you! I just told you he asked.”"Technically... you wouldn't be doing it to me. You'd be doing it to him." I chuckled. She glared."Are you saying what I think you're saying?""I am saying, I don't control you; it's your choice. Do whatever you desire. I'm okay with it," I said, taking her hand and looking into her eyes, so she'd know I was serious."Including... you know what?""Especially you know what." I squeezed her hand.“This is crazy. I think you're actually serious.” She looked puzzled and pulled her hand away.“Sweetheart, all I'm saying is it's your choice.”“I can't believe we are even discussing this, Alan! This is all so confusing.”This ongoing dialogue went on for months and was often the topic of our pillow talk. We started to add it to our role play and it was an extreme boost in our sex life. Lexi started to openly discuss the possibility of being a Hot-wife. It was influencing her in other ways also. She was acting more confident and dressing more provocatively.-oOo-Several days later, I picked her up at work because her car was in the shop. Lexi was unusually quiet. We drove and listened to the radio. I sensed her fidgeting, as if she was uncomfortable. She was in her own world, staring out the side window, as if in a trance, deep in thought.To break the silence, I shut off the radio and asked, “Sweetheart, is everything alright? You look troubled.”“Alan, I want to discuss something with you. It's really important,” she said nervously, after a pause.“Sure, go ahead. What's on your mind?”"I have something to tell you but I'm afraid you'll be mad.”"Tell me anything. What's on your mind?" I paused, raising an eyebrow."I went to lunch today with Henry. He's been asking a lot. So today I agreed! Thinking if I did he would stop pestering me.""Oh? What happened?”"Well, we took his car, because I didn't have mine. It was very uncomfortable, as I could sense his attraction to me the whole time. At lunch, he asked several rather intimate questions about us.”“Questions like what?” The car behind honked because I didn't go on green.“Things like, if we are happy. He pried about our sex life. Then he asked if I ever considered a lover? I was shocked. I told him it was not appropriate for him to ask those personal things and I told him I wanted to go back to the office.""Wow! What else?""Then… on the way back, he... he kissed me."My mouth dropped open and I gasped, not quite believing what she just said. Then I said in a raised voice, "Are you fucking kidding me?""No. I'm not kidding. Please don't be angry.” She paused.I sat there in disbelief."Every since you planted that thought into my mind, it has been nagging at me. You had asked me before if I ever considered being with another man. I truthfully said no, but... since you brought it up, I think about it quite a lot now.”"Damn! This was just some delusion I shared with you, Lexi. I never thought it would become a reality. Tell me the truth. Was that all that happened?""Well, not quite... I… I kissed him back, and he... felt my breasts too," Lexi said softly."Shit! I can't believe this is happening," I said, pulling off the road before we got into an accident.“Would yo please forgive me? I told you rather than hide it. I would never cheat on you.” She spoke in a barely audible voice."Nothing to forgive. It all started as my fantasy if you remember? So, I guess I'm as responsible as you are. My question is... what do you want to do? Are you wanting to continue this?""I honestly don't know. Would it make you mad if I did?""I can't believe I'm sitting here discussing my wife having sex with some other guy. It's kinda nuts. I'm happy you told me, rather than have an affair. And... if I was mad about it, I wouldn't be sitting here sporting a huge erection.”“Then… you think I should continue?”“I told you before, it is your decision and It appears you've already made it, but if you're going through with this, then I guess we need to establish some rules.”"Rules? What rules?""Well, to begin with, this is a shared fantasy between us. Nothing has happened yet. If you pursue this with him or another guy you must make it clear that you're not seeking a relationship. I want to lessen the chance of romantic entanglement, and... I have veto power. If I say no, it's no.”“That seems fair I guess, since this started as your fantasy,” she replied with a smile.“Then... any guy you're with must also have a current blood test for STD's. Too risky without it.”“I’m not quite sure how I'd ask something like that. I mean, doesn't that seem a bit… ummm… Calculated?”“It might seem like a mood kill, but diseases are rampant and deadly.”“Okay. I'll agree. Anything else?”“Yeah, one last thing. I don't want any condoms. You're on the pill.”"Wow! You've given this some thought, haven't you? But why no condoms? You want a blood test, but no condoms? Why?”"Because, part of my fantasy is getting sloppy-seconds," I grinned.-oOo-A few days later, Lexi called from work."How are you doing, hun? She spoke softly."Okay I suppose, kinda busy. What's up?""Henry just asked me out again.""Hmmm, and...?""Well... I told him I wanted to, but had to ask you first. He was a bit stunned that I was telling you. Then I told him all the things we talked about. I told him about the rules. He smiled, and handed me a current card from the health service, showing he was free of STD's. I didn't expect that. I think he's kinda anxious to get into this.”"So, when is this happening?" I asked, not quite believing how fast this was progressing. Can you send me a photo?”“Sure… just a moment.”I opened the text. There was a photo. It showed him to be a large black man with a big smile. He was impeccably dressed in a tailored suit. I could tell he was muscular even though fully dressed.“Damn, that was a surprise. When is this proposed to happen?”"He anxious, he wants it... uhhh... me... tonight.""Damn! What time? This is progressing a lot faster than I anticipated. I have a partner meeting at five-thirty.""Sweetie, he said he wants our first time to be just the two of us... and I agreed. I know you wanted to watch but I agreed I would feel uncomfor
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table first time. But it's up to you. Remember, you can still say no.""And if I said no, would that make a difference at this point?""Hun… Henry already made dinner reservations... and booked a room.""Well, I guess it is not truly up to me, as the room is already booked. So, you're really going through with this?""Yeah, I guess so. I'm on my way now, to the house, to change. I'll be gone by the time you get home. We're going to the Hilton Inn Hotel restaurant and lounge. I'll send you texts and updates throughout the evening.""Well, I guess all that’s left is for me to say is to have fun. If anything happens, and you need me, I'll be there in ten minutes.""I love you. Stay up and wait for me. I promise we'll have fun when I get home.”-oOo-This was not exactly going as I had planned. When I first envisioned this fantasy, I pictured me being there, but now I'm resigned to just waiting at home, like a faithful puppy dog.After setting my briefcase in the credenza, I saw there was a sign on the kitchen bar, taped to the coffee pot. It said, “Thank you, Sweetheart. I love you❤ xxx. See you at home."She had said she would text me throughout the progress of the date. I reheated some leftovers, and sat there in my easy chair, trying to occupy myself watching the news, but my mind was elsewhere. I was being torn up inside, questioning the wisdom of this decision.My imagination was operating in overdrive. What were they talking about? Did they just skip dinner and go for the main course? Was he rough or gentle? Was he hung? A million thoughts flooded my brain. Regret was certainly on my mind. How could I be so stupid to risk the most important thing in my life?About six-thirty, I received her first text. "At restaurant. Waiting to be seated. He's been a real gentleman."I was watching some mindless sitcom, when just after eight, she texted, "Dinner was wonderful, he's so witty and handsome. Going to dance awhile and have a couple drinks. I think you would like him. Talk soon. xxx."I sat there, staring at the screen on my phone with total anticipation. At eight-forty-five, I received another text, “We've been dancing and I'm soooo damn hot. My pussy is dripping wet. We're going to room soon."Reality gripped my guts. My wife is about to have sex with another man. This is nuts. I sat there almost motionless, in anticipation of the next message. I wanted to text back and say stop! I must be insane allowing this.At ten after nine, I get a text with a picture of a giant black cock, saying: "He's fucking huge. I think he's going to fuck me now. See you at home. Wait up for me, love. Xxx.”I stared at the photo. That dick looked like it belonged on a porn star. It made my six and half inches look like a cocktail weenie. It was ripping me up on my insides, thinking of her being pounded by that enormous black veined monster. I was feeling every emotion in the book, all at once. Anger, lust, rage, jealousy, envy, all coursed through my veins at the same time.A short time later, about ten, I received my last text. It showed my wife spread-eagle on a hotel bed with her legs spread with a huge amount of semen pouring out her gaped vagina. She was grinning like she'd just accomplished a great feat.Just before two in the morning, I heard a car pull up in the drive way. The headlights were glowing through the curtains. I turned out all the lights and peered out the kitchen window. He was kissing her goodnight. I felt a twinge of jealousy. Henry was a bit younger than me, but built like a linebacker, big and muscular. Lexi lifted up on her toes, slid her hand in his unbuttoned dress-shirt, and kissed him deep. I couldn't see his face clearly in the dark. I rushed back to my recliner as she fiddled with the lock to open the door, and I pretended to be asleep. The door open and shut, and I heard the click of her heels on the tile."Honey? You awake?" she said softly, and shook my shoulder lightly."Oh, yeah. I'm awake. How was it?" I asked, looking at her through squinted eyesWithout saying a word, Lexi took my hand by the wrist and put it on her soaked panties, then said, "Come on, stud. It's your turn! Let's go to bed.”She led me by the hand toward the bedroom. I followed her up the stairs, watching her butt sway confidently. She tossed her jacket on the chair, and then stood in front of the bed, waiting.“Undress me!” she commanded.The shimmering moon light cascaded through the window, highlighting her glowing beauty. I don't think I've ever seen her prettier. I was now seeing what he saw. That elegant black dress that showed off her cleavage looked new to me. I wondered if she bought it just for him.I unzipped the back and peeled it down, exposing her braless full globes of perfection. She stepped out of the dress, and I carefully placed it on the back of the dressing-chair. Then I pulled her to me, and kissed her with a passion we haven't felt in years. She tasted of him, and I could smell his cologne on her. It only heightened my desire.“Did you have fun?”“We will talk later. Right now, I need you.”I hooked my fingers in her cum-soaked panties and slid them down. She stepped out of them, and pulled them off her feet. She was breathtaking, standing there wearing only her garter belt, nylons, and high-heels. The alabaster glimmer of her skin was enhanced by the moon rays. She laid back on the bed and spread her legs, exposing her well-fucked, cum-loaded pussy. I was soon to find out he had really pumped her full.“Alan, I want you to do something you might not want to do. I want you to come here and lick me!” she commanded.This seemed grotesque to me and out of character for her. I just stared at her pussy, with his cum seeping out. She placed her fingers on her labia and spread them.“Alan! Do it now! He said this is the true test of a cuck. If you're my cucky, then lick me.” She forcefully stated.I quickly pulled off my clothes, discarding them wherever they fell, and then knelt on the floor in front of her waiting pussy. I cupped her butt cheeks and hesitated. Her vagina was becoming clearer in the darkened room as I came closer. I could see the oozing fluid seeping out. The smell of his sex was strong. I fingered her clit and slid in my fingers pulling them out coated in cum.“Ohhhh. Eat me. Make me come. Please! That's it!” She raised her hips up pushing her pussy into my face.I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue and she moaned some more. Her pussy opened like a flower, and more cum was released. It tasted salty and made me gag.Lexi cried out her pleasure loudly, bucking her hips and gripping me by the back of the head tightly, pulling me in, as she jerked with an orgasm. Her heightened arousal induced me to lick her vigorously, bringing her to multiple climaxes.“Fuck me… Now!” she gasped, pulling me to her. My cock had never been harder or more ready.Not needing any further coaxing, I crawled between her legs to claim my long-awaited prize. I normally enter her slowly, because of her tightness, but she was so well-gaped, I slid into her soaked pussy with no resistance at all. She was stretched so much I wondered how long it would take for it to go back to normal. The remnant of his seed made a squishing sound as I pumped. I was delirious, with my mind spinning in pleasure. This was the most unbelievable sex I'd ever had.“Ohhh, that is incredible. Fuck me! Fuck me harder. Claim me back! Don't stop. Ahhh, keep going!” Lexi cried out in a lustful, unfamiliar commanding voice.“Let me put my legs together. It'll be tighter for you,” she suggested.I couldn’t believe she was indicating I was too small. She always said how big I was. I did as she asked, pushing her legs together and straddling the outside of her hips. I was caught up in the moment, fucking her like a mad man, repossessing what was mine. The sounds of sex filled the room. Our skin slapped with every thrust. The bed squeaked and headboard hammered against the wall. I was uncontrollably pumped into her like never before, like I was on a mission to take back what was mine.“Ohhh, my God! Fuck me! Fuck your whore wife! Ahhh, I'm coming!” She screamed out.Trying to hold back was useless, as I felt that familiar wave of intensity wash over me. I was trying to stop the inevitable, but that was impossible. Every nerve in my being was engaged into one unified purpose - releasing my hours of built-up anticipation.“Ahhh, I'm coming!” I cried out, as I ejaculated into her womb. Spurt after spurt, I emptied my balls, mixing my seed with his. It seeped out, puddling on the bed-spread. Spent, and breathless, I collapsed on her, recovering from the most intense sex of my entire life."That was unbelievable!” I panted."It was wonderful. You were incredible, Alan!”“As good as him?”“It's not a competition, Alan. He was huge and hit places we've never touched before.”“This was quite a day for you, hun. How do you feel?"“How do I feel? I feel… I feel… really, really fucked!” she giggled.“Where do we go from here?” I asked, after a couple minutes of silence, except our heavy breathing.“Where do we go from here? I don't know about you, but I'm going to take a shower. Care to join me?”“You know what I meant, smart-ass. Where is it that we're taking this?”“Don't ruin the moment, honey. I haven't thought that far ahead. We will talk about it tomorrow. Tonight, I just want to savor this incredible day. Can you do one more thing for me, sweetheart?” Lexi said, with pleading puppy eyes.“Anything, my love.”“Anything? Are you sure?”“Yes! Anything!” I replied, resolutely.“Great! You sleep on this side of the bed,” she said, looking at the big wet spot and laughing.-oOo-The next morning, I awoke around noon. After I made the coffee and brought her a cup, we lay in bed, discussing Lexi’s encounter. Lexi was so very graphic, describing it all in exquisite detail. I asked her if she was planning on seeing him again, but she said she hadn't thought that far ahead and would talk later."Right now, I've got something I want to show you,” she said, pulling her phone out of her purse and totally surprising me.“Henry asked that I play this video. Can you broadcast it on the big screen, like you did with our vacation footage? I haven't seen it yet either, since he recorded it.”"Sure, I can,” I replied, and placed it in the media cradle.I took the remote, and scanned down the MP4 files in the opening menu. Then I selected the one that said “untitled.” The TV flickered, and the video started in HD mode, complete with sound. I watched the screen picture as it shook and came into focus. There was a big, muscular black man sitting on the edge of the bed, in what appeared to be a lavish hotel room. He began to talk in a deep voice.“Hello, Alan! I'm Henry, and just a few minutes ago, I finished fucking your wife for over four hours.” He stood, until just his torso showed, and I could see him holding that massive meat and shaking it for the camera. It seemed even bigger than the photo.He continued, “Congratulations to your first step in becoming a Cuck. I told her to play this video only if you complied to doing the clean-up. This was your wife's first big black cock, but I assure you, after tonight, this won't be her last. The old saying that size doesn't matter is BS. Just ask your wife." he laughed.I turned and looked at Lexi. She was showing little reaction.“Alan, are you grasping the magnitude of what all this means? When you agreed to send your wife to me to be fucked, you abdicated all your rights as a husband. You tore up your marriage certificate, and served up your vows to the demon of lust. I assume by now you had a great time with her. Probably the best sex of your whole relationship. Right? You're at some cross-roads here, Alan.” He paused, and took a sip of water.He continued, "If you send her back, she's mine to do with as I please - me, and my friends. That's right, you heard right - my friends. Talk it over. The decision is yours. If it is no, then I say thanks for a memorable evening. If yes, then be prepared to have your world rocked.” He approached the video-phone, it flickered and went blank.I sat for what seemed like an eternity, staring at the blank screen, trying to digest what just happened. I turned to face Lexi, but she was avoiding eye contact. Then I said, “Is he serious?"I think so.”“Is it true that the choice is up to me? If I say no, then that's it? Our lives go back to normal?”“Yes and no. If you say no, then it ends right here, but I don't think things will ever go back to normal. To be continued...     

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