Yoga Pussies Are All Fucked By Sexy Coach

Yoga Pussies Are All Fucked By Sexy Coach

Part 1 We have been driving for hours. Having left just after work we hit the bumpy dirt road just after 7pm. You look over to me in anticipation as my foot lifts from the pedal and we settle into a smooth drive. Weeks we have waited for this opportunity to get away from everyone and spend a long weekend together. The drive has been relatively uneventful. Hours of small talk have passed and apart from my hand on your leg, nothing else has had you all excited. I roll the windows down and switch the air conditioner off allowing the smell of fresh air and wild bush to fill the car. You look over to me and tell me how warm the air is outside the car. “It’s the middle of summer and the bush captures the heat of the day,” I reply. A small bead of sweat drips from your forehead down your neck and between your breasts, you smile at me as you catch me staring down at your cleavage. I lean over and wipe the trail left from the moisture. “Take off your top,” I say. “No one will ever see you here there is no one for miles!” You look at me in desperation knowing what you want. The vibrations of the bumpy road have been teasing at your clit for a while now and still I have not done anything. We slow to a stop and in the darkness I leave the car. I walk into the bright headlights and just beyond me you can see the gate. I swing the gate open an ask you to pull the car forward. “But I’m topless!” you shout, thinking someone will be watching. Reluctantly you roll past me and before you know it we are in the sanctuary of private land. I’ve been staring at your breasts pressed between your straightened arms as you drive. I am instructing you where to go but to you it feels like your driving to your grave. You know the dangers of being with a man you do not know much about. No one really knows where you are small details were omitted and it makes you nervous knowing we are so isolated. Suddenly you catch a glimpse of an opening and I ask you to stop. I climb out of the car and walk to your door opening it and switching the engine and lights off. The silence is deafening and the darkness is unnerving. Your heart pounds as I firmly grip your arm and lead you out of the car. You feel my hands run down your body in the darkness and your pants fall to your ankles leaving you standing in only your panties. The warm air rolls between the grasses lightly touching your skin. Your eyes have adjusted to the complete black and above you, you can see the full spectrum of the universe. There is no moon tonight and you are shocked at how many stars fill the sky. I lead you further off and you feel sand turn to stone under your feet. I grab both your hands spinning you abruptly around and locking our lips together. I press against your naked body and you step back from the force of me. Your back presses against something hard and warm. “It’s an outcrop of rocks.” I whisper to you. “They hurt my skin,” you reply booming your voice through the stillness. Placing my hand over your mouth I tell you not to speak so loudly we don’t want to attract any attention from animals. Your heart plummets and your chest heaves as the feeling of fear fills you. “What animals?” you ask and I reply with a muffled laugh. I leave you for a moment all alone and disorientated. You hear the car door open and your mind jumps thinking that I am going to leave you. You wait for the engine to start but nothing. You are shaking from nerves now and regretting ever coming to this place. You begin to tremble and a small tear runs down your cheek. With no way of calling for help your mind fears the worst. I return with something bundles under my arm and a small black case. Knives and plastic to kill and hide the body you think. But as I lay down a blanket you come back to reality and you whisper how scared you were. I look up at you the stars lighting my face and you see a smile run across my face. “Sit next to me?” I ask and you most happily oblige. My hand runs up your inner thigh and over your panties stopping briefly at your pussy. I can feel the warmth and the wet coming from your pussy and I am instantly excited. I move up your stomach over your breasts and to your neck. I grab you by the throat and kiss you softly at first licking your lips and sliding my tongue into your mouth. You lay back for me giving me complete control of your body. I climb between your open legs and stare down at your soft skin. My cock is pressed against your pussy. I lean down and lick slowly up between your breasts. The excitement builds and I can feel you squeezing your legs arou
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nd my waist rolling your hips against my cock. “Fuck me,” you beg. “I can’t take it anymore. I need to come,” you whisper. I lick down your stomach and stop with my head just between your legs. I press my tongue to your clit through your panties and the feel of the cloth drives you insane. “Take them off,” you moan. “I want your wet tongue between my legs now!” and again you boom your voice into the darkness. I stand slowly lifting your legs with me. I reach down and draw your panties up your legs. Getting ready I unzip my jeans and pull my hard cock out. You smile at me and pull me down to my knees. I move further downward and lick deeply into your pussy. You gasp in pleasure as my tongue is coated in your juices. You lift your legs over my shoulders and pull my head down onto your awaiting pussy. My tongue is driven by the pure lust pumping through my veins. My cock hangs stiff between my legs throbbing as your pussy clenches around my tongue. You grab me by the hair and pull me upwards. I can’t resist anymore and move to meet you eye to eye. My cock rests firmly between your lips and is sliding gently over your clit. Your back arches as you roll your hips back trying to get me inside of you. With every ounce of energy in your body you lift your hips and the tip of my cock slides down over your clit and slides easily into your tight dripping pussy. You gasp as you finally get to feel my thick hard cock enter you. This is our first time together and my cock stretches you to the limits. You moan in pain as I thrust deep inside of you filling you. You wrap your arms around my neck and pull me down into a passionate embrace and kiss me. Both shocked silent by the feeling of pure ecstasy we stare deep into the soul of the other as we rock in unison. The feeling of denim rubbing against your clit as my smooth cock penetrates you has you dripping in awe and we spend what feels like hours softly rocking against each other passionately kissing and licking. Your breasts are so sensitive now from being nibbled and sucked and your chest is streaked with sweat. The stars above you twinkle and the silence around you has broken into the sounds of the trees creaking and the grasses hushing together in the warm summer breeze. In the distance we can hear several sounds but we are totally transfixed on one another. You ask me if you can straddle me and I willingly lie back for you taking my clothes off to feel the freedom from normality. You climb onto my cock and press down with your hips as you dig your nails into my chest. You bounce slowly at first as you adjust to the depth of my cock’s penetration. You look down at me noticing how the sweat is lit by the stars I look as if my skin is twinkling. I place my hands on your hips and tell you how beautiful you look. You are aching for an orgasm by now and your clit is throbbing from the anticipation with each plunge onto my cock your clit rubs against my skin and a small wave of excitement fills your pussy. You smile at me and grab onto my hips. You ride me hard pressing your clit down each time letting the base of my cock stimulate your clit. You lean foreword and slink your hair over your face as you begin to shake. “Oh… I am going to cum,” you whisper out of the darkness. I grab onto your wrists and push my hips up into your pussy as you begin to shudder. Your pussy clenches and you begin to climax. At the realization of the situation and the feeling of your pussy bouncing on my cock my balls begin to stiffen and my cock swells up my load runs through my shaft and begins to shoot deep inside of you. With the feeling of my hot cum filling your pussy your body releases a great shock of orgasm down your spine and into your clit. My cum slowly drips out from you and runs over your clit you are in the midst of a fantastic orgasm and you cant stop riding me. You lean back and look into the heavens while your body pulses in ecstasy. You think only of the sensations wracking your mind and body and for a moment the worlds seems to fall away and you feel as if you’re falling into the stars. You lean down onto me and I wrap you in my arms. Your chest is heaving and your heart pounding from the excitement. I kiss your lips lightly and ask if you want more? You open a single eye and whisper: “Where?” “We need to figure that one out,” I say. We stand up and fall into each others arms standing in the darkness dripping from sweat and cum. We gather our things and walk slowly to the car and I ask if you would like to sit on my lap and drive and you smile naughtily. To Be Continued

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