It hurts a lot when she gets in her pussy because she's a little tight and doesn't get wet

It hurts a lot when she gets in her pussy because she's a little tight and doesn't get wet

I saw her the second I walked out of the arrivals passage. I saw the tousled blonde hair and the frantic wave as she spotted me. I barely had time to let go of my baggage trolley when she hit me, all five foot nothing of blonde hair and legs.Her mouth was every bit as sweet as I remembered it and she'd worn that special perfume I liked, she was kissing me, squeezing me, crying and laughing. All at the same time."They wouldn't tell me that you were on the flight," she laughed. "I was going frantic wondering.""You know the army kid," I laughed with her. "They probably didn't know themselves.""I think you'd better put me down," she said. "People are looking.""Let 'em look. You feel good in my arms.""It's not that," she giggled and put her lips to my ear to whisper. "I'm naked under my dress.""Ooh, princess," I grinned. "And we've got a three hour drive before I can see for myself.""Wrong, smarty pants, I've booked us a hotel."She had too, the Heathrow Hilton, no less. Judging from the disapproving looks I got whilst checking in, I guessed they weren't too used to having sun blackened soldiers in desert camouflage grace their hallowed halls. But I didn't care in the slightest, I was home!The suite was out of this world. I'd never been in a place like it. We walked round checking it out. Nikki clinging to me like a limpet while I kept stroking her fabulous little bottom through her thin dress, we got to the bedroom and she giggled as I growled lecherously."Want to try the bed out?" she said softly as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed herself into my body.My body responded instantly for the first time in six months and she giggled as she felt my prick rising under my trousers, but a knock at the door interrupted any lustful intentions I had.Nikki giggled and went over to open it as I poured myself a stiff drink from the mini bar, I heard her laughing behind me and turned to see the top of her head behind the biggest bouquet of flowers I'd ever seen in my life before!"Flowers?" I laughed. "Bloody flowers?""They're from mum and dad," she said softly and handed me a card. "Here, read it.""Dear Mark, we could never condone what you and your sister are doing, but we both cried with relief when Nikki told us you were coming home. We love you both very much. Be happy." it was signed, mum and dad!"Do you think they're coming around, you know beginning to accept us?""No, sadly, but you can't blame them Mark.""I don't blame them at all," I replied. "I just wish things could have been different.""Yes me too, darling," she said wistfully but cheered up when I took her into my arms and kissed her."You really are naked," I exclaimed as I lifted the back of her dress and cupped her pretty little bum cheeks. "I thought you were kidding."Her tongue snaked between my teeth and she scrabbled at my shirt. I kicked my boots off and unfastened my trousers. She moaned with desire as my prick sprang free. I was still trying to kick my pants off as her mouth engulfed me."Oh Jesus Nikki," I gasped. "Don't, darling, please it's been too long, far too long." But she was having none of it and held my gaze as she slurped and sucked like a child with a lollipop.I had no warning, so I could give her none. I just came and spurted jet after jet of hot creamy spunk down her throat. I could hardly believe it. I remember calling out her name. I can remember that my legs gave way and then blackness!"You're still alive, then."I was in bed and Nikki was next to me, propped up on one elbow, staring at me a smile on her pretty face."Oh God," I groaned, "I'm so sorry darling." but she hushed me with a finger to my lips."I knew you'd do that," she said softly. "In fact I'd have been disappointed if it had been otherwise.""Eh?""Well you got rid of sex months worth in one go and of course God knows how long you'd been traveling to get here, I could see in your eyes that you were exhausted and I was right wasn't I?""Yes I was but...""No buts, bruv," she laughed. "There's a do not disturb sign on the door. I've drawn a lovely hot bath with loads of smellies in it, 'cos let's face it, you need 'em. I'll call room service for breakfast as soon as you're ready and then I'm taking you back to bed and I'll expect to be shown how much you've missed me."I growled and she giggled deliciously as I got up and padded naked towards the bathroom."Mark?"I turned and saw her lying there on the bed stark naked, legs wide open and a finger gently stroking her lovely hairless cleft."Don't be too long."In spite of what I knew was waiting for me, I luxuriated in the first bath I'd had for six months. I washed my hair and then washed it again. The shampoo and conditioner felt great, even the soap smelled special. I washed thoroughly everywhere and I loved it. It was something that most people do every day, but I vowed never again to take it for granted.I was shaving when she called that she was ordering room service and breakfast would arrive in ten minutes. I opened the bathroom door to answer but I just caught a glimpse of her sexy little ass clad in tiny white panties disappearing back into the bedroom.My prick stood to attention at the sight and it was still upright as I donned a robe in answer to a knock on the door a few minutes later. She was obvious
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ly dolling herself up for me so I let the guys in with the breakfast trolley and earned myself a grateful smile when I tipped them what I thought was the going rate. But I guess it must have been a lot more judging by their smiles and effusive thanks!The very second they left, a vision in white appeared from the bedroom and took my breath away. White baby doll nightdress over a white sling bra that left her nipples free, a narrow white suspender belt, white stockings with the white panties that I'd spotted earlier and white mules on her feet."Oh princess," I said rather hoarsely, "you look gorgeous." and she giggled as my robe began to rise under pressure from within."Well that's three of us who like it then""Three?"She looked at me pityingly, "I like it, you like it and your friend down there seems to like it too." and she nodded to where my robe was jutting out like a horizontal tent!"I don't just like it, darling," I leered, "I love it."She watched in amazement as I wolfed down the breakfast. It was a full Ulster fry. (Google it.)The first real meal I'd had in ages.I ate the last mouthful, swallowed the last of my coffee and sat back in my chair."Wow," I grinned, "I needed that."She got up and came round to sit splay legged on my lap facing me."Let's talk about people needing things, shall we?"Her nipples were hard like little pebbles. She moaned as I kissed each one and eased the baby doll off her shoulders. I kissed her neck and inhaled her perfume. She shuddered as I flicked my tongue in her ear."I'm going to fuck you until you can't sit down," I whispered and she squirmed on my lap.I felt the heat from her pussy through her panties as her mouth crushed mine and her tongue slithered between my lips. She squealed into my mouth and wrapped her legs round my waist as I stood up and carried her into the bedroom.Dropping her onto the bed, I shucked off my robe and fell on top of her. With one hand she pulled her panties to one side while she used the other to guide my prick into its home."Ooooh yes," she sighed. "This is what I've thought about every night for the last six months.” She crossed her ankles behind my back and thrust herself back up at me."Fuck me Mark, shag me, darling. Shag my fucking brains out."I felt the skin of my back tearing under her long finger nails, but it was like an aphrodisiac to me and spurred me on. Every forward thrust brought a squeal from her lips. I used both hands to cup her buttocks, the rhythmic squeals soon became drowned out by the squelching as her juices poured out."Mark," she gasped. "Harder, darling. Shag me harder. I'm coming, Mark, I'm coming. yes, yes. Oh God YESSS, MARK I'M COMINGGG."Her hands on my back turned into fists. She beat a rapid tattoo with them as she writhed in ecstasy under my powering prick. Her eyes opened wide in surprise as she climaxed again. Her mouth went of it's own accord into a grin of triumph, then she lay back. I pulled out of her and scooted down the bed taking her panties with me."No," she laughed. "Oh no, Mark, I couldn't stand it."But she could and she did. She jerked as she felt my mouth on her cunt and jerked again as I licked deeply in between her swollen lips. She squealed when my lips closed over her clitoris and she gripped my hair as I nibbled and worried it like a dog with a bone."Mark," she cried again and arched her back, thrusting her cunt up into my face."Mark, for God's sake," but I silenced her by crawling up for her to suck at my prick."I'm coming Nikki," I grunted, then my hips jerked and my prick spurted. Not once did she try to pull away. She'd just had three orgasms, but she held onto me and swallowed every last drop!It was early afternoon before I awoke again to find my sister sitting at the dressing table mirror, putting her make up on. She wore just a minuscule g-string and I felt myself stir as I looked at her gorgeous little bottom barely clad by the tiny garment."C'mere sexy," I growled and she laughed deliciously."We need to check out soon, you know, Mark.""No," I shook my head. "I want to stay a while yet.""Mark, it's far too expensive.""Sit down. I've got something to tell you."She came and sat next to me, her beautiful breasts almost in my face."I'm listening.""I joined the army at sixteen, remember?""Of course. It was the junior leaders' battalion at Aldershot.""A year later I transferred to the regular army. From then on, I never looked back.""I know," she leaned over and kissed me. "You loved it and I hated it.""That was twelve years ago, kid. Not long ago I was promoted to Captain.""I know. Dad couldn't stop telling all his cronies. He's still very proud of you, you know.""What I'm telling you Nikki is that for the last two tours of Iraq, the army has been paying me and I've not spent anything. I'm not rich, but I can afford another couple of days here with the sexiest girl in the world and then we can start house hunting. I'm out.""Say that again, bruv." I looked into her eyes and saw the tears starting."I'm out, Nikki. I'm out for good."The bottom lip was trembling for a second and then the dam burst. She threw her arms round me and did her best to squeeze me to death."You're not joking, are you, Mark?""No," I held her tightly. "I'm yours if you'll have me."And the tears started again!

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