Porn with two blonde sisters

Porn with two blonde sisters

I awoke the next morning feeling better than I had felt in a long time. Next to me lay Ella, no longer my grandmother but my lover, and I was so content to have her. I rolled closer to her and reached my hand over her to cup that warm beautiful breast in my hand. I remember cumming in her bra awhile ago. Did I even wash it out after I took care of my needs with it? What did Ella think when she went to look for it and found it nice and stiff? What could she think? Nope, now I remember I did not wash it; I hope it gave Ella some ideas.Ella whispered, "That feels so nice Harold, are you moving in today?""Sure am, and I'm so looking forward to living here with you.""Give me another hour, Harold, O.K?""Yup."I washed up and got dressed and close to eight, I began to make her breakfast. I did up some roast beef hash, fried eggs and toast as well as putting up a fresh pot of coffee."Oh what a nice breakfast, having you live here will be great. Do me a favor and step outside and grab the paper for me?"I was fixing up her plate as she was reading the paper through the gold half-glasses I came all over yesterday."Harold, come here please."I did and Ella was holding the neck chain so the glasses hung from it, raising and lowering them so her sexy gold half-glasses were brushing up against the lump in my pants due to my erection."I really like the effect these have on that cock of yours, we'll have to do something later on. Have you done anything with the gold pair I have laying around?""The ones with the half-moons?" I asked.Ella's face looked so warm and kind when she asked me, "How is it a young guy like you knows about half-moons?" Ella asked with a lot of interest."Maybe because I think they are romantic in women's glasses. The way the light is seen in your glasses, for whatever reason, gets me so hard.""Have you ever worn bifocals, Harold?""No, but I had this neighbor lady, her husband died and I'd help her with the groceries if I saw her lugging them in from her car. Well one day, I helped her and as I was drinking a cup of coffee, I asked, 'Janet what are those half circles in your glasses for?'""What did she tell you?" asked Ella."Janet said, 'Go to the living room and sit in my red velvet chair.' I did so. Then she came over and knelt in front of me. She had a nice pair of gold square glasses, showed me the half circles and told me they are referred to as half-moons. She began to drag them all over down there as she looked at me through a nice pair of silver ovals with half-moons. They looked so good on her when her head was up. I could see the lamplight in them, and to me I found that quite erotic. I loved it when she gave me head as she wore her glasses and stroked my balls with another pair. With my juices brought to a boil, I came like I never came before. She told me I could drop in on Tuesday afternoon around two.""I see you are so turned on by this, how long did you see her on Tuesdays?" Ella asked."Oh a year or so, then she moved to her sisters in Rhode island."We finished our breakfast and Ella asked me if I was going to move in today. I told her I would and left to get my things. I came back around three. Ella was home and she told me to put my things in her large bedroom closet. After a nice supper of grilled burgers with cheese and bacon on buns and barbecued beans, I dressed up for Ella. I had a gray skirt; white blouse with ruffled v neck; patent black heels and I was looking good but not good enough."Harold," said Ella. "You look like a carpenter's dream, 'flat as a board and easy to screw'. Luckily I found a nice pair of tits for you, size forty two D. I really hope you like them. I have been looking around for a while. I mean if you want to dress like a woman, you should look like a woman. I really love you and how you like dressing like me. I will help you with everything that goes with being a woman."I really liked my new boobs, with nipples even, and I looked quite womanly with them. Ella touched them up a bit for me."So Harold, are you going to pick a woman's name for yourself?""I doubt it, I think I'd be going too far if I did that."Ella giggled."Harold, you are totally decked out in women's clothes and you think a woman's name would be going too far?""Well, I have thought of a name from time to time and the one I like best is Ramona.""That's a good Italian name," Ella said as she handed me her gold half-round glasses with the pearl beaded neck chain. "Put these on, Ramona, and take a look in the mirror."No doubt about it, I am a hot looking woman."So Ramona, did you get any practice in on the piano today?""No, I was moving in.""O.K. put an hour and fifteen in, the first fifteen for finger technique."I put in a good hour and Ella came over to see how I was doing. We worked on Chopin's works for a bit and Ella expressed an interest in hitting the sack.Ella got out of most of her clothes but left on her patent black heels and black lacy bra."Are you willing to let me suck on that giant cock of yours?" Ella chortled."My mind went to Dicken's story, 'David Copperfield', when Barkis, the old scraggly coach driver took Peggotty out for a ride. From what I remember, Peggotty was as willing as Barkis was and I know they had a fine old time."I'm willing, Ella," I said in a voice that could leave no doubt about wanting Ella's lips around my cock.I was sitting on the side of the bed and Ella was on her knees. Her silver ovals were down her nose and her beaded pearl chain swayed gently as her head went up and down on my fat, red and still enlarging cock. I loved how the bedside lamp was seen in her glasses as her head was up, and the look of her with my meat in her mouth when her head was down. She had her tongue licking the top of my dick as if it were a cone of ice cream. Ella then took her small gold half-glasses with beaded chain and started to drag them under my balls. With her thumb and fore finger wrapped around me, she began to jerk me off, as well. My sex juices were now boiling and I blew a few good ropes of warm thick cum smack down Ella's throat."Oh, Harold, that was so good. I think seeing you dressed as a woman made it even better!""Well, being dressed seemed to make it even better for me too Ella.""You do know of course that women can have a good time with each other. . .right?""I've heard of that, Ella.""Well. I have this friend, Betty, I think you'd like her a lot. She has a nice tight ass, big hips and boobs, and I know you love big tits. Well I was thinking of us doing a three-some, could you like that?""Well, yeah.""Oh and she wears glasses, only for reading though." "What style, Ella?""The half-square style in
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gold and black with glass beaded neck chains." "How does she dress?""She dresses as I do, skirts, blouses and patent black heels.""I'm looking forward to meeting her, Ella.""I know that, and I know she'll like you a lot. Time to hit the sack, all that hot sex has me sleepy now."Next morning, I did up some home fries and eggs with toast and I put up a pot of fresh coffee.Ella walked into the kitchen and I saw a new light in her eyes. Must be that liquid lightning I blew into her last night, I thought."Well Harry, you're as good in the kitchen as you are in the bedroom."I'm going out shortly to see my friend Jenna, so why don't you get in some good practice while the house is nice and quiet. I'll be back around six, and will pick up something from our Italian place. How about a good morning kiss?"We held each other. I had my hands on Ella's sexy ass, pulling her onto me and she had her hands around me, pulling me into her; we ground our selves into each other."Nothing like a morning dry hump, huh, Harry?"We finished breakfast and Ella was on her way over to see Jenna. I put in some good piano time after I made a nice angel cake for Ella. The cake was split and filled with blueberry pie filling and dusted with confectioners sugar. I knew she would like it.True to her word, she was back at six in the evening. She had a few bags with her from a well known women's clothing shop. Ella bought me a few nice skirts and blouses and was very pleased I liked them. She was pleased even more when she saw the cake."Who dropped off the cake?""No one.""Where did it come from?""I made it for you, Ella.""You made me a birthday cake? That is so sweet, I didn't know you knew about baking."I was surprised. I had no idea it was Ella's birthday but the fact I made her a cake was just fine and her face was wreathed in happiness.She came to me and once again we got into pulling each other together. She ran her hand down into my pants and asked if it was a pistol in my pocket or was I happy to see her.Ella picked up supper from our favorite Italian eatery and as we are eating she asked me, "Have you ever had sex while being tied up?"I damn near choked on a meatball over that question. I had never been tied up during sex but gave it thought every now and then. What would she tie me up with, ropes and chains? This sort of cooled me off to the idea. How would I explain to some medical staff how my arms and legs got broke? Still I had to wonder. Ella it seemed liked woman as well as men. She sure liked it when we got it on, me dressed as a woman. Is this another part of a woman I really don't know much about? And if so, what else am I going to find out?After a nice Italian supper, she told me to stand up. I did so and with her hand in my pants, she took me to the bedroom and told me to strip. On the bed were a few long white belts with a double row of holes. She had me on the bed, hands tied behind me then to the headboard. My feet were tied together at the ankles and to the foot board. I wasn't going anywhere, but then I did not want to either. She had me wearing a bra which was stuffed with the new boobs she got me earlier.Ella began to rub her sexy patent black fuck-me pumps all over my balls as she sucked me off. This did not last to long, just long enough to get me nice and hard. She looked so sexy wearing her gold half-round glasses, the bedside lamp sparkling in her glasses, as she lowered herself upon my cock. With her hands at her sides, Ella began to work herself up and down my rod. My eyes were glued to her sexy tits jiggling around, since she had no bra on. She also had a nice pair of gold square glasses with the half-moons hanging across them. "Oh this must be turning you on big time, Harry. I need it so bad, that's a good part of why I want you here. I love that you like dressing as a woman, as that gets me nice and hot and wet, too. Stick that fucking thing way up me till I have stars in my eyes."Did Ella get partly bombed on that wine we had with supper? I had to wonder. It didn't matter though, as I like what we were doing. I was slamming her pretty good or so I thought till she hollered, "Harder faster!"I was pretty turned on, seeing Ella's glasses jiggling by her boobs with the light sparkling in those half-moons and her half-glasses down her nose. They were the glasses I came all over -- yeah that was something else. I knew that when she licked my cum off them, things between us would only get better. I pushed the throttle of the love machine forward another few notches. In my head I could imagine a train engineer in loco 1751 of the Bay Colony pulling a string of coal cars over to Otis AFB. I wanted to give Ella seventeen hundred and fifty one horsepower of hard rough sex, the equivalent of over one and a third million watts, those sixteen pistons in that 567C engine, those fucking ten inch pistons with close to a ten inch stroke, the engine opened up and blasting its deep throat exhaust. That traction generator put out twenty one hundred and seventy seven amps at six hundred volts. Yup, Ella was getting it the way she wanted. The sweat was rolling off us but we kept up to the beat of the engine.I blew my love up into Ella to the point she'd have sparks in her eyes for a long time to come. I am sure her friends were wondering where she was getting it from. "Oh Harold, just WHAT did you do to Ella? Oh my, being tied up works well!""Was it good?" I asked, knowing it was the best fucking fuck she'd had in a while"We have to do it like this much more often, Harold, it was that good."Ella was looking at me with a good amount of respect. I knew she knew she would be satisfied many times over."Oh Harold, it'll be even better after Monday.""Why, what's happening on Monday?""The man is coming to install the mirror."My head was swimming with bizarre thoughts: bondage, liking women, mirrors. What else was I going to find out?"What mirror?""The one for the ceiling, you silly Billy.""I so had no idea you were into this, Ella."She looked at me with a look of amazement."For goodness's sake, I'm only kidding, damn I had no idea you'd take me serious about that.""Well Ella . . .you liking women, bondage, what am I to think?""Harold, I was only talking about the mirror because I read about it in one of my novels.""So you're not getting a mirror?""Not anytime soon, if that makes you feel better.""Ella, it's happening.""What's happening?""I'm getting the munchies, what else?""Me too, Harry, glad I got plenty of food for supper.""Yeah the four cheese sauce, ziti and sausage was delicious.""Harry, if you can play piano like you satisfied me, you'll be a concert pianist."

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